What we specialize in


  • Consulting Services

    We advise companies on general inquiries regarding optimizing their import and export strategies. In a rapidly changing and dynamic global market place, it is imperative that you have expert advice.

  • Duty Drawback

    Anyone who has ever done a duty drawback is aware that it can be a complicated process.  What isn’t complicated is that if you are entitled to duty drawback MJPC Inc. will recover it for your company.  Are you sure your goods don’t qualify for Same Condition duty drawback?

  • Customs Compliance

    It’s your responsibility and not your Customs Broker to assure that your company is in Customs compliance.  With years of experience to fall back on, we can give you peace of mind.

  • Freight Audit

    My shipment was delivered late.  Do I have to pay?  We will advise you.

  • Customs Duty

    By bringing a fresh and unique perspective to the tariff classification of imported goods and utilizing all benefits of global trade agreements throughout the world, we can assure your company minimizes its duty obligations.

  • Free Trade

    Are you aware of the 'De Minimis' rule concerning Free Trade?  US and Canada Customs are and so should you.  MJPC Group can guide you in the delicate and dynamic regulations concerning Free Trade.

  • Tariff Relief

    Are you a Canadian manufacturer paying duty on imported goods?  If so, the Canadian Government wants to hear from you.  Let us give you the lowdown.


    Are you sure you are claiming the applicable GST/PST taxes for expenses of your sales staff?  MJPC Inc. will find out for you.

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